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Aragón, Salvador

Principal's Message

August 12, 2019




As the new Principal at Jane Addams High School, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Jane Addams family.  It is  great honor and a tremendous opportunity to be the Principal of Jane Addams High School. I served as an Assistant Principal at Chatsworth Charter High School for the last six years and prior to that at Reseda Charter High School and Patrick Henry Middle School. I am excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you all to begin a new era of growth and achievement.


Since having been selected for this position, I have had the opportunities to meet with parents, teachers, students and community members. During those opportunities, I have been frequently asked for my vision for the future of Jane Addams High School. With that on mind I would like to take a moment  to share some thoughts  on this regard.


I envision Jane Addams  as a place where all stakeholders understand and agree that our fundamental purpose is to maximize learning. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it has been my observation that a multiple of internal and external  pressures  can cloud the mission and distract us from our primary purpose-to prepare students for a successful future academic and employment pursuits. Accordingly, you will be regularly hearing me asking for your input in how we can better accomplish the mission of increasing student achievement.


I envision Jane Addams as a place that encourages extra-curricular activities as opportunity for students to enrich their high school experience.  Students participating in extra-curricular generally demonstrate higher GPAs and lower instances of behavior and attendance problems.  My intention is that students on campus will be encouraged to get connected in some capacity outside of their classroom studies.


I also envision a school with a healthy culture of collaboration, this means that during our Tuesdays PD, we will be meeting to review the  results of assessments and to design instructional strategies that best meet the needs of our students.  It also means that I understand the need to collaborate in a meaningful way with families in order to accomplish our fundamental purpose.  In terms of expectations, you can expect to see and hear me visiting classrooms and interacting on a personal level, I will also be visible at activities and events throughout  the school year and invite you to stop by and I would appreciate your willingness  to provide your perspective  of  Addams’s  environment and culture. I encourage you to take this opportunity to stop by, to let us know what we can do to support your student and your family.  This is a great school with a wonderful staff and a bright future.


Salvador Aragón


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